Training equipment

Realistic training equipment for specific wind turbine ranges

When things are going well for the wind turbine industry, demand shoots up for skillful service technicians with thorough training in the specific wind turbine types and ranges. But often it is difficult to obtain the necessary access to the correct wind turbines for teaching and training purposes – both before and after erection.

As hands-on teaching is vitally important, Spica Technology has developed a unique setup for developing realistic equipment for simulator training. We put together training packs for the specific wind turbine – using genuine components – in order to simulate a particular wind turbine range and the typical faults and challenges which occur in hydraulics, control systems and the converter.

Servicing the service technicians

The composition of the individual training module is decided in close cooperation with the relevant wind turbine manufacturers, power utilities or service companies, in order to create working situations which are as realistic as possible. This allows for the creation of a reliable training course which can be used for internal certification of service technicians.

The training equipment is packed for transport as needed. This gives freedom and flexibility in terms of geography and planning.

Spica Technology is involved in the supply of training packs to Danish OEMs. Contact us now to learn more about our training equipment.