CSR | Towards a green world, together.

Taking part in a heavy and electrical industry, Spica takes responsibility towards a greener world and strives to decrease our environmental footprint

Besides our passion for wind power and green energy, climate and resource protection are a driving force for Spica’s employees. Our actions and business not only have an impact on our entrepreneurial success, but also an impact for people and the environment. Global challenges have never been higher on the political agenda with call to action towards companies and individuals.

We take responsibility for our society, the environment, the climate and our employees – and strive to make the world better and sustainable through our actions and solutions.

Contributing to sustainability through expertise

In 2011, renewable energy held more than 20% of the global energy production. With a growing global population, the demand for sustainable electricity is increasing. Renewable energies are vital to decrease CO2 emissions that are already creating drastic climate changes with visible effect across the world.

At Spica, we are proud that we can contribute to the green transition with our solutions for renewable energy – especially within wind energy. In order for the green transition to be a reality, advances in sustainable technology, production and economy are required.

For over 20 years, we have been striving for 100% sustainable energy supply through our high-quality technologies and innovative concepts. Our solutions are manufactured on-site at our facility in Denmark where we have high environmental standards for the entire production process.

We carefully choose suppliers and business partners who take part in the green transition, so we can decrease our environmental footprint – together.

Leading the way for employees towards a green world

At Spica, we know that our greatest strength is our employees. We offer a safe and modern environment where we protect and support our employees, promote innovation and creative thinking to form a positive working atmosphere towards a greener world, together.

We encourage team spirit right from the start, based on our core values, to achieve a common goal through our solutions and actions.

Together, we make a difference.​

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